the company (as presented in 1977)

la boue is a professional company of musicians devoted to the performance of experimental music. although "officially" organized in august 1974, the company has been performing since 1972 through the collaboration of co-founders jeffrey thomas and david cloud, and several of their colleagues. since that time various combinations of people have joined in collectively representing a wide range of composers-performing in concert as well as in conjunction with dance and the visual arts. fusing the concepts of artists such as john cage and marcel duchamp with diverse contemporary influences, the company wishes to bring audiences new and provocative events. concentrating in the areas of piano, percussion, and electronics, la boue is currently presenting a wide range of concerts, workshops, seminars, and short term residencies.


la boue quit public performance in the 1980s. more recently, a studio recording of ‘I HAVE SEEN: AFTER GEORGE CATLIN’ was produced by la boue in chicago. that recording is heard elsewhere at this web site.

david cloud (as presented in 1977)

in 1970, influenced by the recordings of morton subotnick, mr. cloud familiarized himself with the buchla electronic music systems. subsequently he studied electronic music under peter middleton and g. allan o'connor at northern illinois university, enjoying exclusive access to the buchla 502 computer. mr. cloud studied music composition with dr. paul steg and composer-in-residence russel peck, as well as percussion techniques with stacey bowers. it was in 1975 that he designed and built the first of the experimental instruments for the la boue collection. these unique instruments contribute a special excitement and individuality of sight and sound to each of the company's performances.


in 2012 mr. cloud undertook the commercial production of several musical instruments used by la boue during its performance career.

jeffrey thomas (as presented in 1977)

from 1970-72 mr. thomas received percussion instruction at the university of kansas from george boberg, former member of the manhattan percussion ensemble. in 1972 he studied in chicago and performed music of various contemporary composers and jazz artists. mr. thomas began his studies at northern illinois university as a talented student award recipient in 1974, and worked extensively in the areas of percussion and electronic music with g. allan o'connor, peter middleton, and members of the blackearth percussion group. he studied music composition with dr. paul steg, and was also involved in dr. kuo-huang han's ethnic music performance program. mr. thomas received his bm in 1976.


in the 1980s mr. thomas studied ethnomusicology at wesleyan university, later traveling to trinidad to produce his book ‘A HISTORY OF PAN AND THE EVOLUTION OF THE STEEL BAND IN TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO’ in 1985. mr. thomas continues to perform in and around chicago.
Brake Drum
Bass Drum
Cymbal Mallet Rolled
Metal Barrel Lid
Master Space Organ
Tam Tam
Bamboo Clutch


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